Aryan Khan Drug Case : Links To Dark Web And Bitcoin Unearthed, Details

The Aryan Khan case has now become a very high profile case as many secrets are unveiled by the Narcotics control bureau, after Khan’s phone was thoroughly checked. Khan and his gang were caught in a Goa based cruise liner in a posch rave party. Several names came out in the list where the children of famous businessmen and drug peddlers are involved in the arrangements of the meeting. Recent development in the investigation revealed that the gang had links to the dark web groups and Bitcoins.

Drug Peddlers Unearthed And Links To Dark Web Found

The cruise drugs bust by the Narcotics Control Bureau has unearthed several links to drug peddlers across Mumbai and from other states. On Monday, Aryan Khan and rest of the accused did not receive bail as their custody was extended by the court. NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede, who carried out the drug bust.



Aryan Khan after producing in the court

When asked why the NCB sought further custody, Wankhede said, “We asked for custody of Aryan Khan because there’s still a lot more left to investigate in the case. A lot of new arrests have happened, where we have caught drug peddlers who used to supply illegal substances to parties. During these arrests we’ve found links to the dark web and Bitcoin as well. We have recovered drugs in commercial quantities. The quantum of the case has become more serious, therefore we need to investigate further.”

Advocate Claims That Aryan Didn’t Consume Any Drugs

Aryan Khan’s advocate Satish Maneshinde argued in court that SRK’s son was not found with drugs in person. He read previous judgements as well as Rhea Chakraborty’s judgement. He also submitted a Supreme Court judgment to show how WhatsApp chats cannot be used for incriminating an accused.


                         Aryan’s advocate the same man who defnded Rhea chakraborty

“Mere chatting on phone without corroboration does not exist. Hence, further custody is not required,” Maneshinde argued. However, court ordered extension of custody of Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Khan Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha and other accused until 7 October.