Aryan Khan Asks For Science Books Inside The Custody! , Details

Ever since Aryan khan was taken into custody, NCB officials claimed that no special treatment was given to the accused and even homemade foods were not allowed in the premises. The initial custody was ordered till 7th October and after they will be produced in the court for further proceedings. As per the reports Aryan was cooperating with the officials and his advocate claimed that he didn’t even try to run away from the scene and remained till the final proceedings, however, today he came with a strange request or rather a wired  demand!

Aryan Wants Science Books In custody

Latest reports from the sides of officials reported that Aryan Khan had requested science books be provided which the NCB officials have given him. Meanwhile, the mobile phones of Aryan Khan and the other accused have been sent for forensic examination to a laboratory in Gandhi Nagar. Previously, the NCB claimed before the city court that “shocking and incriminating” evidence was recovered in the WhatsApp chats of the Aryan Khan that showed links to alleged ‘international racket’.


This comes after reports started doing the rounds that Aryan hasn’t been getting any privileges in custody including his food choice. Reportedly, he along with other accused in the drug case, are being given food daily from the NCB mess. Officials claim that even the home cooked foods were not allowed inside the venue citing security reasons.

Fanclubs In Support Of King Khan

Amid this, fans of SRK were spotted placing a placard outside his bungalow Mannat. The picture of the placard was shared by his fan clubs. Along with a message, it featured his pictures of addressing his fans outside his house. Extending support to the actor, the message read, “We all fans from every corner of the world love you deeply and unconditionally! We stand with you in these testing times! Take Care King.”

Whatever the reality is, truth should be brought into light. Several allegations are posed upon each other even though the accused was caught red handed from the rave party. Well, the past history of rich criminals being acquitted is not something pleasing to hear as the Indian Judicial system gives its verdict solely on the basis of evidence and arguments placed during the time of trials!