Arvind Kejriwal Thanked Lord Hanuman After Winning Delhi Elections 2020


The battle for the throne has come to an end as Arvind Kejriwal walks broad chest in the nation’s capital. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is all set to stage a comeback in Delhi with a resounding majority yet again. Meanwhile, the AAP chief thanked the people of Delhi for resting the faith in him and his party for the third time.

Crediting Hanuman Ji

Arvind Kejriwal, celebrating after a tremendous victory in Delhi, today started his thank-you speech with a statement: “Dilliwalon, I love you.”

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The 51-year-old credits Lord Hanuman for his party’s victory. He said, “Today is Tuesday, the day of Hanumanji. He has showered Delhi with blessings. Thank you, Hanuman-ji,” said the Delhi Chief Minister.

“We pray that Hanuman Ji keeps showing the right path to us so that we continue to serve people for the next five years.,” Kejriwal added.

He had previously represented himself as a “Kattar(True) Hanuman Bhakt”. He made this statement over reportedly being termed as an anti-Hindu by the Bharathiya Janatha Party. Later he also sang few lines from the Hanuman Chalisa.

A controversy 

The Hanuman Chalisa incident caused a disorder during the poll campaign and produced BJP allegations that he was resorting to Hindutva to win.

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“This is not my victory. This is a victory for Delhi, for all the families who saw me as their son. For every family that got 24-hour electricity, water, and education. The people of Delhi have given us a new kind of politics, the politics of kaam (work),” Kejriwal said.

In Delhi’s 70-seat assembly, for now, AAP marches the way to victory with 63 seats leaving behind BJP who has only gambled 7 seats. Meanwhile, the Congress party yet again fails to open an account in Delhi.

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After the victory, several political leaders have taken to Twitter to congratulate Kejriwal. One amongst them is Delhi BJP head Manoj Tiwari who has congratulated AAP leader for his victory. “Thank you to all the voters of Delhi. Thank you to all the workers for their hard work… We respectfully accept the mandate of the people of Delhi,” Manoj Tiwari tweeted.



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