Arvind Kejriwal Releases ‘Guarantee Card’, Promises Free Water, Power And Bus Fare In Delhi 

Source: indiatoday

With assembly elections days away, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has pulled out a trump-card against all the rival parties. The Aam Admi Party leader on Sunday introduced a ‘Kejriwal Ka Guarantee card’ with assures the citizens 24 hours electricity and water supply at each home.

Kejriwal Ka Guarantee card

This decision comes in ahead of February 8 state assembly elections, where Kejirawal has promised government’s best schemes — free water, electricity and bus rides — that will continue if the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is re-elected.

“I am giving 10 guarantees to the people of Delhi. This is not a manifesto. We will launch a comprehensive manifesto in 7-10 days. The manifesto will have more things specific for students, teachers, among others. This will be for everyone,” Kejriwal said.

source: thehindu

The ‘Kejriwal ka guarantee card‘ carries his photo and the party’s election slogan “Achche beete paanch saal, lagey raho Kejriwal”. The guarantee card has been invented in the form of a table calendar for the year 2020 with the 10 guarantees on one side and the calendar on the other.

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“The calendar was combined into the card so that people keep it in their homes and use it. Had it been in the form of a pamphlet or a normal card, it would have ended up in a garbage bin,” said a senior AAP leader at the event.

Free water, power and bus fare in Delhi 

The Chief Minister also pledged to maintain the scheme for free electricity up to 200 units, free health facilities and to plant 2 crore saplings in the national capital over the next 5-year.

Releasing the “Kejriwal ka guarantee” card, the party chief said these would be distributed in every household in Delhi so that people did not fall for the “lies” that he alleged were being spread by opposition parties.

source: thehindu

“The opposition is saying many of our schemes will only last till March 31, so this is our guarantee that these schemes will continue for the next five years; 24-hour electricity will continue and 200 units of free power will continue. Free water for those who consume up to 20,000 liters a month will also continue. All schemes of the AAP government will continue,” he said.

source: aajtak

The flagship scheme also guarantees more than 11,000 buses and to increase the length of the Delhi Metro network to over 500 km.



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