Article 370, CAA And Ram Mandir Are Just A Sample, Actual Action Begins Now : PM Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister on Wednesday stated that the hard decisions taken by the government in the initial months of its second term were just a sample and the real action is about to start. Narendra Modi said that the government is looking to work in a new way to develop the country.

Just a beginning 

Addressing at the Times Now Summit, PM Modi stated that today’s India is working on the ‘decade action plan’.


source: twitter

Picking a resemblance from the game of cricket, the PM said, “India is the most youthful nation in the world which wants to perform on the front foot. The 8-month old government has scored a century of decisions and settlements. India has taken sharp decisions, work has happened at a swift pace.”

Pitching out some of the crucial decisions- bringing law for child abuse, Article 370, triple talaq, corporate tax reduction, the post of CDS created, buying new fighter planes, Ram Mandir, and the citizenship law- the PM believes it was just a beginning.

More crucial decisions on the agenda 

“This is just a beginning; the actual action is yet to come. I can non-stop count such decisions; it will not just be a century but a double century of decisions,” the PM said to the audience.


“Changes happening in the country has given courage to the society. The poor are today confident about uplifting their standard of living,” the PM said further.

“Today, the country is moving ahead leaving behind decade-old problems. We are developing at a speed on which we should be moving ahead.” the PM noted.