Arnab Goswami from NDTV to REPUBLIC TV

arnab goswami

Arnab Goswami has managed to rise through the ranks and be in the limelight since he started his journalism career in 1995. Ever since he has managed to stand out from most journalists and become one of the most popular TV news anchors in India.

He has worked as both a news anchor and a chief editor in a very popular TV station referred to as Times Now. There was a live debate which Arnab Goswami as a host. This program was one of the most watched programs in India. There are a lot of information about a very successful journalist worth checking out. Here are some of the details.


Arnab is an Oxford University pass out

Arnab Goswami was born on October 9th, 1973. His family has already been in the limelight. This is because his maternal grandfather was a leader of the opposition party known as Assam. In addition, his father served in the Indian Army as a Colonel. As a result of coming from a well of family, he had a chance of studying in a couple of prestigious learning institutions. He was able to study his Master’s degree at Oxford University.

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From Telegraph to NDTV

Before commencing his journalism career, Arnab Goswami studied in the telegraph, located in the city of Calcutta. It has not been a smooth for him in his journalism career. He has worked with a couple of Companies ranging from DD Metro and The telegraph, before joining NDTV. During his career, he has been involved in many life changing events such as transitioning NDTV TV station into a 24hour slot. He was also involved in editing contents of this channel, as he was the senior chief editor.


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Best News Anchor in Asia

Through his many years of commitment and service, he was finally recognized for his efforts in the year 2004 by being presented with an award for being the best News anchor in Asia. This was at the Asian Television Awards. This was a breakthrough for his journalism career. As a top public figure, he decided to influence people positively by coming up with a live debate show. This show has enabled Arnab Goswami interview a lot of prominent people ranging from Narendra Modi and Rahul Bajaj among others.

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A Millionaire Journalist

Arnab Goswami was once rated as one of the most paid news anchors in India. His salary is believed to be above $2 million. Indeed, there is no doubt that Arnab Goswami has flourished in the journalism industry.

Arnab on Fox News?

Nobody will ever forget November 1st, 2016. Everyone woke up to a rude shock that Arnab Goswami had resigned as the editor in chief of Times Now. The reason behind his resignation is not known to date. It was rumored that he was planning to join Fox News. He, however, hadn’t made any comment on the above rumors.

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Being Republic

Arnab Goswami is visionary and has a straight forward attitude. Now, he did again a blasting come back after almost six months with his new venture “Republic TV” which aired an audio clip from its debut episode which claimed that Lalu Prasad Yadav and former Siwan MP and criminal Mohammad Shahabuddin had a conversation when he was in the jail. The conversation between them allegedly showed hearing instruction from “Bahubali” by Lalu on how cases of violence in swan can be handled.

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