Arnab Goswami Calls Locust Attack A Pakistan Sponsored Terrorism, Twitterati Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Arnab Goswami

With the locust swarms causing havoc in India, Republic TV editor-in-chief has called the insect attack as an attack sponsored by India’s neighbor Pakistan.

After having destroyed crops in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, the locust swarms are on their way to the other states even as the country grapples with a massive health crisis. However, Arnab Goswami thinks this is a Pakistan sponsored attack.


In his broadcast on the 28th of May, Goswami called Pakistan a coward and accused it of sending “terrorist” locusts into India. Goswami carried out a debate of one hour on the matter. However, Twitter couldn’t resist itself from mocking the broadcast.

Here are some of the hilarious responses to Goswami’s broadcast.