Arnab Goswami Announces To Reveal ‘Final Truth’ About SSR On Monday Morning

After the All India Institute of Medical Sciences report stating that the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput was indeed suicide and not murder, Republic TV anchor Arnab Goswami has made a scathing announcement.

Ever since the death of the actor on June 14th, Republic TV and its editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami has been relentless in covering the death and the probe around it. For over three months, the network claimed it to be a murder. After the AIIMS report, Arnab Goswami has made an announcement that he would reveal the final truth about the Sushant Singh Rajput on Monday morning on his channel. Making an announcement, Arnab said,


“Since yesterday, I have been beseeched and swayed with calls from Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans, his supporters, all of who have been distressed and felt absolutely betrayed by this terrible plant, that was put our quoting Dr. Sudhir Gupta, the head of the forensic department of AIIMS that Sushant’s case was a simple case of suicide. I was horrified and everyone who called me, asked me, ‘what can we now expect? How on earth did this happen? When facts were completely contrary to what is being claimed, and why is the AIIMS forensic department chief seen in a tearing hurry?”


Monday At 10 AM

Continuing his statement, he said,

“Now, since I received all these calls, we have gone back deep into our investigation and I can tell all the viewers of Republic TV, please do not get disheartened. We are going to put out the final fact, recordings, tapes, and I can’t say more at this stage because I know who our enemies are. But we are going to put out the final proof in this matter, and that will be at 10 in the morning on Monday, that is tomorrow. So this can go across to all our supporters and viewers. Don’t get disheartened.”


Source: Republic World