Rumors and Facts About Arjun Reddy Remake in Kannada Has Raised the Bar of Expectations

Arjun Reddy Remake in Kannada

Arjun Reddy, a Telugu blockbuster released in 2017 is a cult movie of an off-beat genre, well-received by both mass and the class audience. It is a love-drama written and directed by Sandeep Vanga Reddy with Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey playing the lead roles. The story of Arjun Reddy whirls around a despotic surgeon dealing with anger management problems. It is a story of a man with rage losing his life to drugs after the marriage of his girlfriend Preethi Shetty (Pandey).

Arjun Reddy Remake in Kannada

The way this movie carried the same old love story narrated unalike makes it poles apart from a stereotype. Besides everything, one thing that has flabbergasted the audience was the appearance of Vijay Deverakonda as the Arjun Reddy. Not an exaggeration but the actor has truly lived the character to an extent that it has become hard to imagine someone else playing the iconic Arjun Reddy.


Well, when a movie becomes a blockbuster, then on an obvious note, its remake rights get sold. Now, the news of the hour is that Arjun Reddy is being remade in Kannada. What? How? Who will play the role of Deverakonda? Well, here are the Rumors and Facts about Arjun Reddy remake in Kannada.

Rocking Star Yash as Arjun Reddy in Kannada?

Without a second thought, Rocking Star Yash is one of the most talented actors of KFI who has proved his prowess in roles of a different genre. There is a rumor going around in the lanes of Gandhi Nagar that Yash is going to play Arjun Reddy Deshmukh in the Kannada remake of Arjun Reddy. The actor being busy in the shooting of his next movie titled KGF, nothing has been confirmed yet, officially. However, Yash is seen as the potential actor to bring that charm of Arjun Reddy and we can’t agree more to it.

arjun reddy being remade in kannada

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Arjun Reddy to be Remade in Kannada as Dhanu Reddy?

If you have watched Tagaru, a recent Sandalwood blockbuster then you would have definitely loved the character ‘Dolly’ played by Dhananjaya. An actor who has left everyone to a thunder silence through his sterling performance is seen as the right person to play Arjun Reddy.

Dhananjaya’s name is doing rounds as the lead in Kannada remake of Arjun Reddy. As a consent to this, his fans have even made posters of Dhananjaya as Dhanu Reddy and posted in social media.

dhananjay in arjun reddy remake

This is Official

The official news is that Rockline Venkatesh (producer) has bought the Kannada remake rights of Arjun Reddy. Speaking to media, he said, “I am yet to finalize the actor and director for Arjun Reddy’s Kannada remake.”


With the buzz of Dhananjay playing the role and a news of Yash playing the role going in full swing, the producer has put a full stop to all the speculations.

“I am looking for a good director to handle the project, and only then will finalize the lead cast.”

It is official that Arjun Reddy has been remade in Hindi with Shahid Kapoor in the lead role with title unannounced. On the other hand, it is also getting remade to Tamil as ‘Varma’. It has Dhruv Vikram (Vikram’s Son) and Megha in the lead roles. Interestingly, the Telugu director Sandeep Reddy Vanga is helming the Bollywood project.

Arjun Reddy Remake in Kannada

So, it is for sure that Arjun Reddy will be remade in Kannada but the cast is yet to finalize. What do you think about this? Whom do you think is the right person to play Arjun Reddy in Kannada? Let us know in the comments below.


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