Are the People of Karnataka unhappy with its ruling Govt, the BJP?

The wave in Karnataka looks not so favorable against the ruling Govt by the BJP, initially under the leadership of BS Yeddyurappa and now under Basavaraj Bommai. People and netizens have vocalized their opinion that even if they have elected the BJP Govt in Karnataka, they stand without any benefit and perks.

From yesterday, people of Karnataka have started to speak on Twitter against the inauguration of 11 Medical colleges in Tamil Nadu by the Central Govt particularly by PM Modi also for starting the Central Institute of Classical Tamil. The hashtag #TNthanksModiji was trending on Twitter for the same.


The People of Karnataka are of the opinion that the BJP has begun to ignore the people of Karnataka as they have already elected the BJP to power. They are also claiming that the BJP is trying to appease the population of Tamil Nadu which has still not been appealed by the BJP.

During the recent Padayatra that the Congress Party in Karnataka has launched towards the Mekedatu, people have claimed that the BJP has not taken a stance or even taken the project forward because they want to appease the population of Tamil Nadu. This claim was also supported by Congress leader Siddaramaiah.

Similar resentment was witnessed when the incident of the burning of the Karnataka flag was seen in Belagavi by the MES or the Maharashtra Ekikarana Samiti and the BJP Govt did not do much about it except to call out the same. Various organizations across Karnataka called for a Bandh in solidarity to ban the MES but there was no support.