Aqua Marina SUP Review (2019)

You’re sick of the idea of sweating at the gym? Looking at the iron weights is not appealing to you? Do you make a trip to the city boring? Would you like to achieve (or maintain) a good body shape? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, read on, here’s the recipe in a super cool and easy way to achieve a super-form with enjoying nature! Welcome to the world of Stand Up Paddling, popular – SUP. The best choice for that is Aqua Marina.

Researchers know best that it is not easy to find the board that suits you, therefore, from year to year, there is an analysis of trends and equipment that is on the market, and thus trying to help those who first meet with the selection of SUP equipment. With all our experience, we have taken some pieces of equipment for many times because it looked cool or the price was irresistible, and the product seemed to be acceptable and that was a completely wrong way. Market and research show that Aqua Marina is indeed the best choice in this field.


Aqua Marina is the largest manufacturer of SUP boards in the world from which the factory produces approx. 180,000 boards annually and surely one of the best products of this company. If you are a beginner or want to recreate during the year and on your vacation, Aqua Marina makes a choice for you. Boards are 3 to 3.9 m in size, extremely stable and have a capacity of 60 to approx. 120kg. They also come equipped with a bungee narrow, pump, flip-flops, an adapter for the GoPro camera and a bag while some models come with a paddle and an auto valve.  

Aqua Marina SUP board is intended for higher and heavier rowers. Its graceful shape ensures incredible water stability. It is ideal for long tours because it allows for carrying more luggage. Excellent for relaxation or family fun.

The advantage of Aqua Marina SUP is a solid, non-slip EVA lining that takes care of the durability and hardness of the board. On the back of the SUP, a D-ring for attaching a safety leash is added. An additional feature is the elastic bungee latch for fastening luggage. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) with a mesh pattern for excellent surface adhesion. For easy adjustment, there are two handles on the side and accessories can be fitted with elastic fasteners (oars are not included). The Aqua Marina Inflatable Board is a very fast and stable SUP that perfectly retains the direction. The board is ideal for learning, recreational boating and overcoming smaller waves. Super Tough Dual Stringer (STDS) technology is responsible for the extra durability and hardness of the board. This material allows the board to be both light and firm at the same time.


Because of the inflatable, it is very practical because it folds up and takes up very little space. The board is excellent for recreational boats for calm waters but also works well on surfaces with smaller waves.

The SUP boards are very practical because they can be folded in just a few minutes in a bag and pumped into 10 minutes. The boards have a centerpiece.

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