Application Of Extruded Aluminum In Thermal Break Window And Door

extruded aluminium

With the continuous improvement of people’s living environment, the commonly used solid wood windows, steel windows, and plastic steel windows have been gradually replaced by more and more new energy-saving materials – new aluminum alloy thermal break doors and windows. As a new energy-saving door and window material, extruded thermal break aluminum has opened a precedent in the history of energy-saving buildings.

As an important part of the history of ancient Chinese architecture civilization, building doors and windows, from the beginning of human settlements to today, have undergone many technical updates, from the original wooden doors and windows to the modern new wooden windows, steel windows, plastic steel windows, etc.

The renewal is a revolution in the history of doors and windows. No matter which product, it has dominated the market for a period of time, and left a brilliant footprint in the history of door and window development. First, from wooden windows to steel windows, from steel windows to plastic steel windows, from plastic steel windows to ordinary extruded aluminum windows, each update represents a technological change in the history of doors and windows. No matter which product, it once represented technology. Another leap.

Today, with the leaps and bounds of science and technology, people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection and building standards are increasing, and there is a higher demand for the quality and function of buildings. The above-mentioned types of doors and windows are gradually fading out of the market and are being broken by new extruded aluminum alloys.

The replacement of thermal break windows and doors has created a precedent for energy-saving doors and windows in the history of architecture. In the past two years, the demand for energy-saving doors and windows in the construction market has become more and more vigorous. Among them, there are reasons for consumers’ environmental awareness and functional awareness. More is, the government has introduced a series of preferential tax and policy support for energy conservation and environmental protection. More and more door and window manufacturers have seized this favorable opportunity and started the strategic move of demand transformation and upgrading and locked the company’s strategic goal in the environmental protection and energy saving door and window industry.

The following briefly introduces the advantages of extruded aluminum alloy doors and windows.

1: Good thermal insulation

The heat transfer coefficient of extruded aluminum alloy profiles is about one-third of that of ordinary aluminum profiles, which greatly reduces heat conduction. In addition, the sash adopts hollow glass structure, the frame is made of rubber strip, the top is sealed, the sealing is good, heat preservation is good, the heat insulation, the heat preservation, the energy saving, the function is remarkable, and the aluminum alloy door and window of the extruded bridge is well sealed, and the double glazing is adopted. The surface temperature of the inner layer of the glass is basically balanced with the room temperature to avoid dew condensation and frosting of the outer glass in the cold weather in winter, and the inner layer glass is condensed due to the large temperature difference, and the window has a clear effect.

2: Save energy

The aluminum alloy doors and windows of the extruded bridges are used to make the indoor temperature balance easier to adjust and control, and reduce the energy consumption of summer air conditioners and winter heating, which not only saves power resources but also increases the indoor suitable and comfortable environment. Conducive to human health.

3: Multi-functionality

In addition to heat preservation and energy saving, it also has many convenient, practical, residential functions, sound insulation functions, hollow glass structure and cavity structure, tight joints, can effectively reduce sound wave transmission, reduce noise by more than 30 decibels, waterproof function, in the groove The internal design of the drainage system adopts the stepped sliding outlet, the drainage is unimpeded, the fireproof function, the aluminum alloy, and the heat insulation strip material not only do not burn but also have good high-temperature resistance.

The anti-theft function is equipped with a standard hardware lock to prevent the window from opening outside, improving the stability and safety of the window, anti-mosquito function, equipped with screen window technology, anti-mosquito, fly in, and keep the room clean. Wind-resistant, high-strength, inner frame with hollow design, strong resistance to wind pressure deformation, tensile strength, strong shear strength, high resistance to heat deformation, good seismic resistance, sturdy and durable, large-area window type is more suitable for lighting.

extruded aluminium

Decorative function, extruded bridge aluminum doors, and windows are colorful and colorful, the door and window design have a flat open type, inner open inner tilt type, upper suspension type, push-pull type, and other forms, and the shape adopts streamline design, novel and generous. Environmental protection function, aluminum alloy material is non-toxic and non-polluting, has the characteristics of small density, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing and recycling, recycling and recycling, and belongs to green environmental protection materials.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the next door and window industry will also face fierce competition. It will use advanced science and technology to develop more advanced products, achieve the purpose of living, appreciation, environmental protection and diversification, and create more high quality.

And the comfortable living environment, door and window enterprises must constantly innovate ideas, seek transformation and upgrading, strengthen technical research and development and equipment improvement, continuously improve and optimize the technical level, research and development to produce more high-quality, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. In summary, the aluminum alloy doors and windows of extruded bridges play a vital role in today’s buildings.

It will continue to integrate new technologies, continuously innovate and produce more high-quality products, and promote the continuous development of doors and windows. Replace it with more advanced door and window technology and products to achieve leap-forward development across the industry.



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