Anushka Sharma’s Orange Bikini Swimsuit Picture Is Now A Meme Making Machine on Internet

anushka sharma bikini memes

We usually see people reacting in a positive way to actresses who flaunt swimsuit to proclaim their charm. But, these days people have come up with a fresh trend where they have started taunting female actors for their display of elegance. One such latest victim of these mockeries is Anushka Sharma. The actor had posted a picture on social media, where she can be seen wearing an orange and white bikini outfit which has now turned into a meme on social media.

Anuska Sharma, the latest victim for Trolls

Anushka Sharma had posted the picture on social media with the caption, “Sunkissed & blessed.” Later, the picture achieved over 2 million likes within a day and was also praised by her husband, and Team India’s captain Virat Kohli.


The attractive hot pic did impress many but trollers are like “Strike while the iron is hot”. The beach picture of the actress turned into a topic of troll and mems.