Anushka Sharma Trolled Badly For Asking A Silly Basic Question About Cricket

anushkar sharma troll

While the Men in Blue were busy fighting Sri Lanka in their final game of the group matches, apart from the players on the field it was the wife of Indian captain who equally attracted camera towards her.

Understandingly so, because Virat Kohli’s wife is a very successful Bollywood star and in India cricket and films are nothing short of a religion. Eventually, India won the match by 7 wickets and will now be playing against New Zealand to get an entry into the finals.   


Such Silly Question From Anushka Is Unexpected 

The result of the match between India and Sri Lanka was expected but what was unexpected or rather shocking was Anushka’s lack of basic knowledge about cricket. Since she is the wife of one of the greatest cricketers of the country, everyone expected her to know at least basic things about the game.

While in the stands, Anushka cheered and hooted for the Indian team and once was caught by the camera asking her friends what the signal for four was. The social media users who noticed it trolled her brutally that triggered a tsunami of jokes and memes. Many people enjoy cricket but are not always aware of the technicalities of the game. But in India signs of six and four are common knowledge.

In the video that went viral Anushka is seen asking, ‘What’s the signal for a four?’