This is the First Time A Movie Got Shot in A 500-Year-Old House in Brahmavar of Karnataka

anukta old house

When we say Cinema, it is not just a mere story that runs for 3 hours on silver screen. There’s an effort behind coupled with interesting back stories to note. Above all when it is a suspense thriller shot on a horror backdrop, for obvious reasons it creates a sense of curiosity and intrusiveness. In a movie of horror and suspense genre, not just a story or actors will play a role but every prop used will have its portrayal. Here we are with one such interesting ‘behind the scene’ thing about the upcoming Kannada movie titled Anukta on today’s read.

anukta old house

Mystic House With A History Of 500 Years

The house is mystic for so many unrevealed reasons. It is located in Brahmavar of Udupi district and its history dates back to 500 years. The house is known as Guttu house where you are not allowed to step in using slippers. It is a very spacious building and the very sight of it gives you a magical feeling. In this context, the house becomes shooting friendly but till date, no movie got shot in this location. It is so orthodox and vintage that women here enter the house in a pristine state where they are not touched by people around. Simply put, this house is like a temple bided by superannuated rules and practices.

anukta old house

Anukta becomes the First Movie to Shoot in this Guttu House

Anukta is a promising content-driven Kannada movie which is all set to release on the coming Friday (1st of February). It revolves around a character whose dreams follow a pattern of wavering incidents. The director of Anukta, Mr. Ashwath Samuel says, “It was like a dream location for us and it has definitely added weight to my story and its narrative.”

Upon so many efforts put by the team, they have managed to get permission to shoot in this age-old house. Even today, a family lives in this house and it will be interesting to see its shade on screen.

When asked about the reason for sticking to this particular house, the director Ashwath Samuel said, “It goes in line with the story and when you watch the movie, you will get to know the essence of it.”

anukta old house

A Flavor Of Karavali

After a long time, there is a movie coming in Sandalwood carrying the flavors of Karavali and its culture. It is said that the infamous Bhootha Kola of Tulunadu is used in the movie which adds up to the curiosity. We hope that Anukta will turn out as another impressive content-driven movie in the Kannada film industry.

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