This Annapoorna Hotel in Bengaluru is an Age-Old Place known for its legendary taste of Mutton Biriyani

Annapoorna Hotel near Majestic

How many times have you walked near Majestic circle? Maybe, for most of the people, this junction is better known as a bus boarding point and a hub for all kind of travels. In the surrounding area like Gandhi Nagar, Subedar chatram road, and this junction, you find so many age-old hotels which on a usual note are not highlighted among the big-league food points of the city. Today, we are talking about a place called Annapoorna Hotel located in a whimsical area of Gandhinagar, next to MTR. This is an Andhra-style mess where you get super-awesome Biriyanis. And Chilly chicken is to die for.

Hands Down for Mouth-Watering Chicken 64 and Dum Biriyani

This is probably the best pick for Non-Veg food near Majestic and it has been a go-to place for Bengalureans from years. If you are looking for Andhra style Dum Biriyani and the piquant Chicken 64 then you have to come to this place called Annapoorna hotel, located next to MTR in Gandhinagar. Mutton Biriyani is a must when you are here and you see it is a dum-cooked one with a lot of mutton pieces into it. Chicken 64 is equally famous which is a boneless chicken strip which will be so soft that it just melts in your mouth in seconds.

Annapoorna Hotel

The Menu of Annapoorna Hotel

This hotel comes with a limited menu but everything available here is a blockbuster. From Nellore-style Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, Chicken 64 to Quarter Chicken Biriyani and Lemon Chicken, simply a heaven for Non-veg food lovers. They also have Seafood menu, not everything is worth a try but Anjal fry is excellent.

non veg food in bangalore

Vegetarians can go for Andhra Thaali which is equally beguiling. The highlights of Thaali are Pappu, Rasam, and Bendekaayi Pachadi (lady’s finger chutney).

So, when you are in Gandhinagar near Majestic, come to this place for lip-smacking piping hot Mutton Biriyani and crispy hot Chicken 64. This not a fancy place with a great ambiance but we are sure that the food will make up for it.

Annapoorna Hotel near Majestic
Image Credits – Kumar Anshul

Open: 12 PM – 3:30 PM and 7 PM – 10:30 PM

Where: 6th Cross, Gandhinagar, Majestic Area, Majestic, Bengaluru.

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