10 Interesting Things To Know About Anjanadri Hill Of Hampi – Birth Place Of Lord Hanuman

anjanadri hill

Hampi is famous for so many things including its connection with ancient civilization, mythology and more. One such most-talked connection is Anjanadri Hill or Anjeyanadri Hill in Hampi. Here are some interesting facts about the famous hill in Hampi.

Birth Place Of Lord Hanuman

According to Indian Hindu mythology, it is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. Located at a distance of just 5 km from Hampi’s historical site, devotees of Hanuman consider this place as sacred.

2. Idol Of Hanuman Carved From Rock

The entire white-washed structure of Hanuman temple has a roof with pyramid structure and a small red dome atop. Visitors can see the red flags fluttering in the air from a distance. The idol of Lord Hanuman has been carved out of a rock. Apart from Lord Hanuman’s temple, the place also has a small shrine of Lord Rama and his wife Sita.

anjanadri hill
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3. Well-Known Center Of Pilgrimage

The natural charm and beauty of the surroundings attract lots of visitors to Anjeyanadri Hill every year. Apart from that, since it is a well-known pilgrimage center devotees make it a point to visit this place on regular basis.

anjanadri hill

4. Site Of Monkey Kingdom

The beautiful place is the site of Monkey Kingdom Kishkindha which is an important part of the epic Ramayana. Anjaneya is another name for Lord Hanuman since his mother’s name was Anjani. That is why the hill is called Anjeneya or Anjanadri.

5. Lord Hanuman Temple

At the top of the hill is a Lord Hanuman temple where devotees gather for celebrating Hanuman Jayanti and other related celebrations.

anjanadri hill
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6. Anjeyanadri Hill’s Scenic Beauty

Beautiful plantain and paddy fields surround the hills giving it a beautiful view. Devotees have to cross 550 steps to reach the top of the hill. The stone stairs are quite safe for ascending the summit.

anjanadri hill

7. Mesmerizing View Of Tungabhadra

The view at the top is very beautiful because of the valleys and the sparkling water body of Tungabhadra River just below. The entire sight is mesmerizing giving a feeling of warmth and happiness.

anjanadri hill

8. Congregation Of Monkeys

Since Lord Hanuman is the god of monkeys, you will find a congregation of monkeys on the Anjanadri Hill, especially near the Hanuman temple at the top.

anjanadri hill

9. Amazing Sunset View

With the architectural and other ruins from ancient India scattered in and around Hampi, the entire place looks just awesome from the top of the Anjeyandri Hill. The sunset view from the top is quite amazing and tourists gather around here during evening hours to get a glimpse of the colorful display of setting sun.

anjanadri hill

10. Great Route For Trekkers

For trekkers, the Anjanadri hill offers a good climb. Trekking and adventure clubs organize trekking camps every year at this site to enjoy the thrill that the entire experience offers.

Image Source: Trip Advisor, Katchu Travels, and 121 Clicks.

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