Animal Cruelty At Its Peak. After Elephant, Now A Bull Beaten Up To Death

Seems like we all will soon lose faith in humanity if such acts are going to appear in front of us every now and then.

After the death of an Elephant in Kerala, another incident of animal cruelty has been reported in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district where a jallikattu bull was allegedly battered to death by three men who were in an inebriated state. According to the reports, the incident took place on June 5, however, the news came on social media on Thursday when a video of the alleged animal cruelty went viral.



The owner of the bull, identified as K Vetrivel, is a native of Papparapatty and is serving as Chennasandram’s village administrative officer. The deceased bovine was in his care for almost two years.  Vetrivel stated that the bull had participated in some jallikattu events.

According to a report by The Times of India, the bull was tethered to a tree on Vetrivel’s farming field at Papparapatty on June 5. When Vetrivel arrived at the farming field, he found the bull lying dead. The bull had mouth injuries and its horns were also broken. Vetrivel assumed that it might have collided with the tree and died. The carcass was sent for conducting post mortem and was later buried.

On Thursday, Vetrivel came across a video on a social media in which three intoxicated men were seen pelting stones at the now-deceased bull. On being hit by the stones, the bull got agitated. Its horns broke when it tried to hit the three drunk men who were troubling it.


The incident took place within the territorial limits of Krishnagiri Town Police. Police officials have begun investigations after registering a case.