Ananth Nag Being Criticized For His Comment On Insecure Actors Grabs Unnecessary Attention

Taliban seizing Afghanistan had been a talk around the world for a few days now and many pundits as well as stars have been putting up their suggestions on whether they support or despise the militant group.Well in a recent interview Kannada superstar and legendary actor Ananth Nag had stated his views in public which fumed some activists and lashed out at him through twitter.

Who Began The New Campaign?

Activist and actor Chetan Kumar have been into these tussling circles for years now and is often  indulges in such controversies.Well it was just an opinion from Ananth Nag where he said;”Those actors who don’t feel secure should go to heaven(with Taliban)”.This comment outraged people like Chetan and started a row of unnecessary tweets calling Ananth Nag with many nicknames and defaming his identity.



This was Chetan Kumar’s tweet which sparked numerous conversations and people started lashing out at Nag and some criticised Chetan’s outlook on such legends of the country.

 Here Are Some Of The Interesting Tweets Over This conversation.