Ananth Kumar Hegde’s Twitter Handle Gets Restricted; Wants Modi To Start India’s Own ‘Twitter’

Courtesy: The News Minute

BJP Leader Ananth Kumar Hegde wants PM Narendra Modi to start “Indian Twitter” after Twitter placed restrictions on his account following two communally provocative tweets from the account.

Ananth Kumar Hegde’s Tweets

On April 16, Ananth Kumar Hegde posted a tweet on the Tablighi Jamaat Conference. He wrote (in Kannada): “Coronavirus, a dangerous virus infection used as a weapon, and using Islamic beliefs to put infection in Muslims…and from there spread it to others in society – is this not a plotting attempt?” 


There was also another tweet, which had words such as: “modus-operandi and the hidden agenda of Tablighi Jamaat movement within Indian and around the world.”

On 24th April, Twitter did not suspend the Hegde’s account but placed restrictions on it. Even now, all of Ananth Kumar Hegde’s tweets and activities are visible.

He responds on Facebook

On Sunday, the six-time MP took to Facebook and offered his thoughts. He told the tweet would not be deleted from his account. He said: “I will, certainly, never delete the said tweet because it was to expose the wrong being done under the umbrella of religion. Undoubtedly, I am not against any religion but being an Indian, I will not allow any person or organization to spread hatred or to provoke people to indulge in any anti-social or anti-national activity, I stand to affirm on my statement and will defend it strongly.


Ananth Kumar Hegde

Hegde further writes a letter to PM Modi

Further, Ananth Kumar Hegde wrote a confidential letter (which later become available on social media)to PM Modi, asking him to create an Indian version of Twitter. The reason for Hegde’s request, as per the letter, is said to be: “there is wrongful interference in free speech by Twitter Inc which is detrimental to India’s strategic interest and democratic fabric of society.”

He also feels several pro-India leaders are being targeted on the platform. Hegde further wrote: “Handles spewing poison and passing objectionable comments about the PM, Home Minister, Chief Ministers, and other Indian establishments are promoted via paid advertisements. Handles spreading discontent and fake news about Indian regions or elected representatives are not warned/blocked even after repetitive complaints. If money is exchanged or personal like or dislike of decision-maker of Twitter leads to such action.” This way, Hegde justified his want for an ‘Indian Twitter’.

Source: The News Minute