Anand Mahindra Shares A Picture Of Kids Playing Carrom With Bottle Caps On Mud Board, Calls It Innovative

source: twitter

‘A picture is a poem without words’, is what Anand Mahindra believes sharing a post worth sharing. The Business tycoon has shared a picture of some kids playing carrom, which he feels to be innovative. But hold on! There is a twist in it.

Zero poverty of imagination

Anand Gopal Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group shared a picture on Twitter where kids are seen playing carrom. But the interesting thing is that there is no board or striker and carrom coins. The children in the picture have dug a shallow trench in the mud and formed a square on it to look resembling a carrom board, complete with the lines and pockets. Furthermore, they are seen using bottle caps as strikers and carrom coins in the game.


source: twitter

Impressed with the innovation Anand Mahindra tweets, “What an inspiring photo to see in my #whatsappwonderbox this morning. Incontestable evidence that India has zero poverty of imagination…”

Creativity in India is immense, it comes come from everywhere. Indeed, we Indians do not lack creativity. The matter of fact is, we do not get a chance to display our creativity. And when we do, it is not appreciated. Thus, it demotivates us to go ahead and try creative interests later on.

A few monts ago he shared a similar kind of video that talked about innovative ideas.

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