An Opinion Poll predicts the victory of BJP in UP, Uttarakhand and Goa; AAP and Congress for a tough fight in Punjab

India currently is witnessing four states that are poll-bound and will see the polls take place soon. The parties and the leaders in the states are preparing in full swing for the elections and trying to get the people’s attention.

In an opinion poll conducted by Times Now, the current ruling party at the center and in Uttar Pradesh seems to win the majority in three of these states. Apart from Times Now, an Opinion poll by the ABP-CVotres, BJP again seems to win in this big game.


Let us have a closer look at the Times Now Opinion Poll:

Uttar Pradesh – 

Out of a total of 403 seats, the BJP is set to win about 241 seats in Uttar Pradesh. This poll has shown that the Samajwadi Party will emerge as the strongest opposition to the BJP with a victory on about 144 seats.

Uttarakhand –

Out of a total of 70 seats, the BJP is set to win about 47 seats in Uttarakhand. This poll has also shown that Congress will stand at a small share of 14 votes. Here is AAP also contests but remains with less than 10 seats according to the opinion poll.

Goa – 

Out of a total of 40 seats, the BJP is set to win about 19 seats in Goa. The Poll has said that AAP will emerge as a stronger opposition than the Congress with about 10 seats and Congress will stand at about 5 seats in this upcoming election.


Punjab – 

Out of a total of 117 seats, the AAP is set to win about 56 seats in Punjab. The Congress which is the ruling party seems to slip its place and will get about 44 seats and will remain a strong opposition according to the poll.

For these states, the elections will begin on Feb 10, 2022, and will go on till March 7, 2022, in several phases. UP is set to see the election in about 10 phases.