An Intricate Plot: Kapata Nataka Paatradhari Trailer Looks Interesting

kapata nataka pathradhari

Life is a Drama and we are all tiny characters within this play. That was Shakespeare.But, what if this play is entirely a fake drama? This is exactly the point the makers of the upcoming movie Kapata Nataka Paatradhaari are trying to explore with their product.

Produced by Garuda Creations, this movie has Krish wielding the megaphone. While Balu Nagendra and Sangeetha Bhat are playing the lead roles, Adil Nadaf has composed the music for this movie. Here is more about this flick, based on the trailer that was released a few weeks ago.


A Character in a Fake Drama

The makers have followed a neat template while showcasing the events within the trailer. All the facets of the hero’s life are established beautifully before the ‘Fake Drama’ angle convinces us completely to get excited about this flick.

An Intricate Plot

Plenty of characters, numerous situations, and the shocking twists have made us expect a thick and intricate plot in this movie. Of course, the makers have played it clever by throwing small doses of different genres in the trailer.

A Spirit inside an ‘Auto’

Well, this is an interesting line to begin with. In fact, our expectations have doubled after imagining the possibilities that such a situation can give rise to.


A few interesting morals

Apart from the entertainment, the makers have also decided to offer a few social messages in the movie. The dignity of Labour and Atrocities against Women are a few topics that have been touched here.