Amour Cafe in Jayanagar should be your next Stop for an Amazing European Cuisine near 4th Block Shopping complex

amour cafe

Jayanagar is easily one of the most beautiful localities of Bengaluru with a lot of positive vibes and excitement packed for you. The very ambiance of this locality is so enticing that it can make you fall in love with it at your first sight. One of the major attractions here is the 4th block shopping complex which is like every Bengalurian’s favourite Adda for shopping. All said and done, when you are here and crave for something European then you should head to Amour Cafe. Started by a passionate foodie, this cafe will never fall flat to impress you.

amour cafe

Amour Cafe is a Perfect Hangout Place in Jayanagar

Amour cafe in its outlook looks cute and cozy with a red-painted wall and wooden chairs, not a picture-perfect one but you will love its simplicity and the candour milieu. Giving the living room feel to people looking for chit-chat and relaxation, this charming Cafe is a great place to hang out and get chirpy with friends. On one end they have beautiful wall frames neatly arranged with a step of air purifying indoor plants and artistic bottles around. If you look around then you will see the beautiful wall paintings enhancing the very candidness of the cafe along with the comfy looking photo frames.


Amour Cafe

As an add-on to their alluring ambiance, the cafe has interesting board games for free coupled with books and novels to appease the reader in you. If you are an ardent sports lover then you can catch up live screening of the matches with a plate full of Pasta or Sizzlers on your table.

Amour is a French word meaning Love or a love affair. Main theme of the cafe is “Love for Food.”

europen cafe in jaynagar

It all started with a Passion for Food

They say that Cooking is an art and if you see perceive it right then it can unfold wonders for you. Talking to Sridhar Jambagi, the owner of Amour Cafe, he said,


“I stayed in the United Kingdom for 5 years (Did Ph.D. in Plant biotechnology at the University of reading and after the study worked for 1 year in Scotland). During my stay I started cooking and developed the passion for food. As a foodie travelled around Europe to try different European food”.

He added,

“My dream was to open a cafe. Returning home after living abroad, I was working as a postdoctoral scientist at NCBS and UAS, Bangalore. My passion for food made me to resign the job and open Amour Cafe that serves the cuisines which derives a large influence from European / American regions and make the people to experience the romance with senses.”


“More creative people get bored of the things they do and start quitting to do something new always.”

“A researcher can be a best cook because, he know that missing small ingredient can`t give best taste”

Quick Bite – Pasta, Sizzlers, Burgers, Sandwiches, Nachos, Crepes (savoury and sweet), Waffles and Greek Salad.


amour cafe

Sip it Up – Cold coffee, Ore Chococinno, Mint Mojito, Mango, Green Apple, and Litchi smoothies.

Desserts – French Crepes, Sizzling Brownie, and not to miss, Hot Dark Choco Cake fingers with vanilla ice cream.

amour cafe

So, when you are near Jayanagar 4th Block Shopping complex or shopping street, Ganesha temple then make sure you visit Amour Cafe. You will love it for sure.

Address: 138, 6th C Main Road, Near Maiyas, Next to Ammas Pastries, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru- 560011


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