Amit Shah Stops Owaisi In Loksabha; Says ‘Learn to Listen. It Won’t Work Like This’

amit shah and owaisi

Lok Sabha on Monday witnessed a verbal spat between Home Minister Amit Shah and Asaduddin Owaisi when AIMIM president interrupted a speech of Satyapal Singh. When Owaisi stood in between the speech to make a point, Amit Shah said, “Why didn’t you speak up earlier? Aisa nahi chalega, Sunne ki bhi aadat daaliye Owaisi saab (You should make it a habit to listen as well).”

Verbal Duel Between Shah & Owaisi

During the verbal spat, the chief of BJP asserted that by stopping Owaisi he does not want to frighten anyone but he cannot help if some have fear in their minds. While delivering his speech Singh alleged that a political leader of the state told the then Hyderabad Police Commissioner to change the line of investigation in a particular case or else he will be transferred out. 


Singh said that he is aware of such developments because at that time he was working as the commissioner of Mumbai Police. Owaisi who is an MP from Hyderabad objected to this claim and said that Satyapal Singh should put forth all the related records in front of the House prior to making such claims.

Shah said, “Opposition Should Have Patience To Listen To Others

At this point, the Home Minister of India got up and said that the opposition members are never disturbed by the treasury members during their speeches. So the oppositions should also do the same. While putting a finger towards Owaisi, Shah said that the opposition members should have the patience to listen to the point of view of others.

In his reply, Owaisi agitatedly said that Shah cannot frighten him by pointing a finger at him. Shah replied that he is not trying to frighten Owaisi but only implying that opposition members should be patient enough to listen to other’s views. Shah said, “When you have fear in your mind then, what can I do.”