Amid KGF: Chapter 2 Promotion, Yash And Public TV Ranganath Played Dumb Charades During An Interview

Kannada’s pan-India movie ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ is steering towards its grand release worldwide. As the team has kickstarted the promotions, ‘Rocking Star’ Yash and Public TV Ranganath were seen playing Dumb Charades in between an interview session.

Dumb Charades

The co-host Akul Balaji requests both- Rocking star Yash and HR Ranganath- to participate in a small game called Dumb Charades. It is a movie guessing game where a person out of two or more has to act a movie name, and the other has to guess the same.


With all the laughs and chuckles both agree to play. It was Ranganna’s turn to imitate a movie on the first go. After acting for nearly 10 seconds Yash was clever to guess the movie on the first attempt. The answer to the first act was ‘KGF’.


Guess the movie

Later, Yash’s turn was a bit interesting to watch. The actor tries to make all possible gestures, however, fails to make the lead anchor guess the movie. Watch it for yourself: