Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Loses World’s Richest Man Title To Bill Gates


Guess who win backs the throne, its the Microsoft founder William Henry Gates III (Bill Gates). Jeff Bezos after announcing plans is no longer the world’s richest man.

Bill Gates returns

Amazon Inc announced that revenue and profit for the Q3 quarter could be beneath expectations over intense competition and rising costs from its plan to speed up shipment times globally.


After the announcement, the shares of the online retail dipped 9 percent during initial hours of trading on Thursday making to $1,624 per share, taking Bezos’ fortune down to $103.9 billion.

source: latimes


Forbes had reported that Bill Gates was seen with a net worth of $105.7 billion making him the richest man in the world once again. Bezos had previously ended Gates’ 24-year-reign as the richest man in 2018 when his net worth surged to $160 billion.

Bill Gates debuted in the list of Forbes in the year 1987 with a net worth of 1.25 billion. Meanwhile, the Amazon founder joined the Forbes list of Richest Americans in the year 1998, with a net worth of 1.6 billion.



The richest couple concluded their divorce in April in what was described as the biggest divorce settlement in history, Jeff allowed MacKenzie Bezos to his stocks worth nearly $36 billion.