Amazon Alexa Extends its Compatibility to Smart Cameras, TVs and Much More

amazon alexa

It has been quite a while now that smartphones have become an essential aspect of our lives. The technological revolution has brought about a major evolution changing the pace of things as well as our lifestyles. And, to take ahead this ritual, Amazon is all set to introduce people with the idea of Smart Houses, the Gennext stop for humankind. Yes, you heard it right, Amazon’s Alexa can now control a number of smart home devices too with just a command.

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What is this new technology?

As per the latest announcement made by Amazon, Echo-smart speaker line along with Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant will offer assistance in managing various smart home devices anywhere and anytime. All one has to do is give a command from anywhere to Amazon Alexa, and you can switch appliances, electronics without being there in person.

amazon alexa

With this new system of Alexa, customers can control many smart home devices which include selected Air Conditioners, Smart TVs, Security cameras, and set-top boxes and so on. These new commanding skills will now also be available on the recently launched Echo Smart speakers which are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Welcoming Smart Home Era

With everything around us turning smart and with our life thronged with smart devices, this new technology has only added newer dimension to the evolution.


Speaking about the new technology, Puneesh Kumar, the county manager of Amazon India’s for Alexa devices and experience, states, “We are all set to introduce our customers to the next generation technology. Offering users with Alexa and a hands-free voice device, we are trying to break any doubts attached to user’s mind about Smart Home. They are beginning to understand that Smart Homes isn’t a complicated thing as it was contemplated to be. Although we still believe there is a long way to go, we are immensely happy with the response our idea has received from smart home device manufacturers. We now look forward to offering more smart devices to customers which is compatible with Alexa.”

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How does the new technology work?

This technology is available only on selected smart home devices which is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and not with the older versions. Alexa has extended their support to Voice control remotes. These include Oakter’s Silver Sirus and Oak Remote. This system works by replicating the infrared signals on the same lines of technology used by conventional remote controls. The remotes are pre-configured with the satellite TV providers. Customers by pairing their voice command with Alexa can switch on/off their set-top boxes, TVs, AC, etc. Through this, Alexa will be able to control and perform tasks by connecting to smart devices.

Where Technology meets our daily needs

Users who own smart devices like Smart TVs, Air Conditioners, Cameras, set-top boxes etc. can now just command Alexa to perform a variety of tasks like lowering the temperature of ACs, or changing a channel and many more. Not only this, if you are stranded in traffic and afraid to miss your favourite show by the time you switch on your TV, all you have to do is command Alexa “switch on the TV” along with the channel’s name and when you reach your house, you can find it running your show saving your time in switching on the TV.


These are not the only advantages of Alexa. Now people can also set routines using Amazon Echo. This system enables Alexa to carry on a series of tasks with only a single voice Command. For example, by setting the command “Alexa, today is movie night” users can use Alexa to dim the Smart LED bulbs, Switch on AC, set its temperature and also switch ON the smart TV. Users can set routine using the Alexa App on their Smartphone.

Devices Alexa is Compatible With

As per reports, the new edition of Sony Bravia will come with their digital assistant Ask Alexa facility built in. The users of Alexa enabled Bravia TVs will now be able to ask Alexa, their digital assistant to perform a plethora of smart tasks like changing channels, volume and searching channels on their Smart TVs. Furthermore, Alexa skills can also be used to control set-top box by setting a routine and enabling command.

amazon alexa

View real-time feed

Alexa can now show you real-time feeds recorded by smart security cameras too. You can view the going on in the house through the Echo Spot speaker which was launched in April this year. This service is available in selected brands of security cameras such as Ezviz Mini O Wi-Fi Camera, D-Link DCS-P6000LH Mini HD Camera, the feeds of which can be controlled by Alexa. Users can use the commands “Alexa show children room” or “Alexa, show me the kitchen”, etc. to view the feed of different locations at your place.


With the launch of the smart new technology, Amazon is all set to ring in the concept of smart homes in each household. So, you must be ready to command Alexa and leave your house in the scrutiny of this Smart new digital Assistant.