Amazing: National School of Law Alumni Of Bengaluru Airlifts 179 migrant Workers From Bengaluru

The Alumni of the Bengaluru-based National law School of India University along with few generous donors came together to airlift 179 stranded migrant workers from Bengaluru and sent them back to the city of Raipur in a chartered plane on Thursday.

At a time when helpless migrants are stranded at various parts of the country struggling to get a roof under their head and food into their stomachs, this is another heartwarming gesture that comes in the middle of one of the worst humanitarian crises and a major pandemic. This is also another incident of a chartered flight being organized by individuals of society.


An IndiGo flight was booked to ferry 179 migrants that included women and children departed the Kempegowda International Airport at around 8 am on Thursday and landed at the Vivekananda Airport in Raipur two hours later.

Karnataka migrants (2)
Courtesy: The News Minute

It was the initiative taken by a civil society organization in Chattisgarh who learned about the situation of the 350 stranded migrant workers in Karnataka. The organization contacted the National Law School of India University and the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research in Hyderabad. The Alumni of the law school of Bengaluru funded for the air travel of the 179 passengers from Bengaluru, the travel of the other 174 migrants was taken care of by the Alumni of the National law school in Hyderabad.

Mission Aahan Vahan

The owner of a leading law firm, Ajay Bahl, sponsored for the chartered flight. The alumni later coordinated with the Chattisgarh government officials to ensure the smooth transport of the workers from the Raipur airport.


This is the first flight under the ‘Mission Aahan Vaahan’, an initiative taken up by the former students of the National Law School of India. The group has been receiving donations from generous people in order to make their mission successful. Under the mission, the former students have successfully organized travel for over 50 migrant workers since the 28th of May.

At Raipur airport, the migrant workers looked relieved and happy. For most of them, it was their first air travel experience. After they reached Chattisgarh, they were quarantined in their home districts as per the guidelines.

Source: The News Minute