Amazing: Namma Bengaluru Emerges Model City In COVID-19 Management

Bengaluru has been recognized by the Centre as a model city in COVID-19 management. The city has shared the honor with Jaipur, Chennai, and Indore.

Praise factors

Health Minister of the State, B Sriramulu, was informed of the decision by the Centre this morning. Also, the factors on which the city has been praised is doing rounds on social media. The praise factors are:


  • Swift declaration of containment zones
  • Establishment of fever clinics and Covid-19 hospitals
  • Use of technology and field staff in contact tracing
  • Creating teams of medical experts for better treatment
bengaluru facts
Victoria Hospital was also recognized by the Centre

Health officials now sharing their success story with other cities

Following the honor, health officials from the city are now said to be sharing their success stories with other big cities. Jawaid Akhtar, Additional Chief Secretary in the Health Department said: “The Central Government noted the promptness in contact tracing and quick action to seal down areas where cases were reported. We start tracing primary and secondary contacts from four to five hours when a patient is found positive, this was appreciated.

He said that the city has been successful in curbing the outbreak in Padarayanapura, a settlement that resembles the Dharavi in Mumbai. Akthar added: “We also started testing primary and secondary contacts and even random sampling, even before the Centre made it a norm, which was recognized.

The Centre has also appreciated the efforts of the Sachidanand Committee apart from recognizing the Victoria Hospital as a role model for the steps taken in handling the COVID-19 cases.


Source: The New Indian Express