When I Moved From My Home Town To This Amazing City Called Bengaluru

amazing city called Bengaluru

2014 was a year unlike any other, for this year marked my first trip to South India, and to Bengaluru. Like most science students, I embraced the spiritual path of engineering in order to find myself. Though this spiritual journey dampened my spirits in most ways engineers can relate to, I found myself falling in love with the Silicon Valley of India. I found myself in love with the amazing city called Bengaluru!

Swachh Bengaluru, indeed!

Right from the airport to the hotel I first stayed in, I observed that Bengalureans love their city fiercely and would do anything to keep it clean. Here’s where I did not see people tossing trash on to the streets. Here’s where I noticed that the segregation of waste is implemented from the source itself.


I also observed how the public transport – the BMTC buses were upgraded to reduce emissions and to comply with the environmental standards for motor vehicles. Having said that it is not the cleanest city but still, considering its population and diversity, there’s a long way to go.

amazing city called Bengaluru

From instant coffee to filter Kaapi

Bengaluru is known for its favorite filter kaapi. This is why I decided to try it out at a small eatery nearby. The aroma, the taste and the kick it gave me were unlike anything I had ever tried before. This also marked my transition from instant coffee to filter kaapi. Never after this have I ever been keen on ordering a cappuccino at an outlet.


The Weather of the amazing city called Bengaluru

Back before the Bengaluru metro project had begun, the weather in Bengaluru was legendary! With mildly warm afternoons and pleasant evenings, accompanied by the frequent drizzle of rain, I couldn’t help but smile to myself.


As the days passed, I’d look forward to staying up at night and taking long morning walks, all in order to enjoy the best of Bengaluru’s weather. Even today, as we realize how climate change can disrupt weather patterns, Bengaluru weather continues to charm me with pleasant evenings and nights.

namma bengaluru

The Tech-Savviest city

Right from putting digital LED displays on buses to having voices announcing bus stops, Bengaluru played the right cards while embracing technology. Not only this but the fact that it was one of the earliest customer bases for Ola and Uber stand testimony to the tech-loving nature of Namma Bengaluru.


Everywhere I went, people were very kind, warm-hearted and generous. Despite language barriers, the people I asked for help made every effort to help me out, and that too, with a warm and welcoming smile. Even the Bengalurean friends I made at college were some of the most fun-loving people I had met.


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The Dogs

Being a dog lover at heart, I found my kind of paradise in Bengaluru. The stray dogs, who turn to people for love and care, were the least aggressive dogs I had ever seen. This helped me put aside every bit of fear and make some of the most genuine and furry buddies ever! At the college hostel, I even raised two puppies and that year was literally the best year of my life.

The Food – Bakeries, cafes and the Karnataka Cuisine

Healthy food has often been associated with bad taste. The Karnataka cuisine, however, changed that for me. With the various varieties of food bringing in the best of both, I could never ask for more. Another aspect I grew fond of was Bengaluru’s bakeries and cafes.


Packed with more than just cakes and puffs, these bakeries had everything we’d look to snack on! There were also a few bakeries with a legacy of their own, and trying them out really made me wonder what I had been doing with life so far!


There is no end to great cafes in Bengaluru, with each one offering a different experience. As innovative as these cafes can get, these cafes have been the reason for many of my outings all over the city!

Let’s Beer today!

Having stayed away from alcohol throughout my teenage years, I had been highly reluctant about drinking at first. But as engineers say – you come in hating alcohol, you come out loving it! With its pubs and restaurants having the best of beer amongst other must-haves, I had my first taste of beer here in Bengaluru, and have never looked back since!
With the best beers being brewed here, one can hardly resist the nightlife and the partying in Bengaluru!


A Creative Paradise

Bengaluru is brimming with talent, and in musicians too! With creative bands and insanely talented artists, Bengaluru is always at its creative best. I was often impressed with the various local musicians and artists who were fearlessly chasing their dreams here. The most awe-inspiring times for me were when I’d often spot instances of creativity in the form of street art. Street art is seen in metro stations, on the walls of Church Street and in many other places. Concerts here have never been anything short of awesome.



Though a lot of people would complain about the food, the language barrier, and the cultural gaps, I found excitement and adventure beyond my comfort zone. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also got to take back a ton of memories and inspirations. I have indeed been really lucky to have been a part of Bengaluru for a short, but really memorable time.

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