Amazing: Bengaluru Volunteers Group Distributes 30,000 Masks to Police, Migrants As EID Gifts

In a heartwarming gesture, a group of volunteers in the city of Bengaluru called Gifting Sunnah who used to distribute sweets among thousands of people every Eid, gifted masks this year.

On this Eid, the group provided over 30,000 masks to the migrants, police personnel, and pourakarmikas of the city. Tanveer Ahmed, the founder of the group and also an activist, said that they decided to hand out masks to contribute to the fight against the pandemic. The logistics required was arranged by working professionals Mohammed Zabiullah and Ameen Mudassir.


Sunnah is usually referred to as traditions and practices that have over the years become a model to be followed by Muslims. Tanveer says that gifting was the Sunnah of the prophet and says that gifting increases love for one another.

Gifting Sunnah
Courtesy: Facebook

On the day of Eid i.e. 26th May, over 250 volunteers of the group started distributing masks to ASHA workers, in the police station, to the home guards and to those who were in and around the railway stations. The masks were procured from a city-based firm and the firm’s owner contributed 50 paise for each mask that was bought by Gifting Sunnah. The organization has a Facebook page of its own where it has put up videos of the heartwarming gesture carried out on the day of Eid. This, in a small way, has contributed to the state and the nation’s fight against the novel coronavirus that is on the rise with each passing day.

Over 2,500 volunteers across Country

Tanveer is also a part of Mercy mission, the parent organization for many NGOs that are working for the migrants in the crisis. Mercy mission has also distributed thousands of masks and sanitary pads and ration kids among the poor.


Gifting Sunnah has launched two years ago on Eid. Since then the organization has been involved in activities that spread love among the people by gifting sweets. Tanveer says,

“In 2018, Gifting Sunnah gave sweets to 8,000 people. In 2019, we reached over 10,000 people, and the initiative was replicated in 20 other cities.”

The Organisation has spread to many cities across the country with a volunteer strength of 2,500.


Source: The Times of India