Amazing: Bengaluru Auto Drivers To Deliver Essential Goods And Medical Supply


In a welcome move, auto-drivers of Bengaluru have come forward to participate in an initiative that helps in the delivery of essential goods and medical supplies for the needy households. The initiative comes after the entire state of Karnataka has gone into lockdown until the 31st of March.

On Monday, in order to tackle the novel coronavirus outbreak, the state had decided to lockdown 9 districts in the state. In a late-night decision, the Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa expanded the lockdown to the entire state as the number of positive corona cases touched 33.


While only essential services will be functioning in the state and a strict instruction issued to restrict elders to come out of their home, for people who are independent, it is difficult to shop for essential needs. Three Wheels United (TWU), Bengaluru-based social enterprise has now launched a program for the auto-drivers to provide delivery services for residents who are in need.

Courtesy: DriveSpary,

Because of the lockdown, the wages of auto-drivers have been severely affected with less mobility across the city. In order to provide relief, Three Wheels United have promised a guaranteed minimum income for auto-drivers participating in the program.

Besides helping the auto-drivers, the program has two other important agenda – to help the needy ones, especially elders, to get access to essential commodities and medical supply and to ensure the local shops make enough income by connecting them to the needy consumers.


Low-Cost Delivery

As per the spokesperson of the Three Wheels United, the delivery will be provided at a low cost or free of cost in cases of elderly and people under low-income groups. The people of Three Wheels United have given out a public appeal to contact them if you are in need of necessary goods.

If you are a local retailer of necessary goods like vegetables, groceries, dairy products or medicine, contact Three Wheels United at 9844139191 who will then connect you to the delivery auto rickshaws. For further details, contact 9844156781.

At times like this, public initiatives like this not only provide relief but also boosts the morale of people in panic and those who are working at the forefront in the fight to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.