Amazing! 73-Year-Old Mysuru Woman Gets A Response From A 69-Year-Old For Her Matrimonial Ad

In a society where very few remarriages happen, a woman from Mysuru has become a trend-setter for exhibiting a bold attitude. She has even been benefited from her positive perspective towards life.

The Mysuru teacher placed a matrimonial ad two weeks ago

A 73-year-old teacher from Mysuru recently put out a matrimonial ad in search of a healthy Brahmin man older than her. She described herself to be a healthy Brahmin who has retired as a government servant.


This was a strong statement in a society where marriage after a particular age is looked down upon. Many strongly supported the woman’s advertisement on social media.

The woman receives a reply

It has now been revealed that the woman has received a reply from a 69-year-old widower. The man stays all by himself and, after being encouraged by his friends, reached out to the woman. The duo has got in touch and has set a great example to society.

Need a companion for the rest of my life

When asked about the reason behind her decision, the woman said that her previous marriage ended in a divorce, and it was a painful pill to swallow. Hence, she avoided re-marriage all the while. However, after losing her parents, she said she was leading a lonely life. She revealed that she even feared walking home from the bus stop. Hence, the teacher started looking for an alliance. More than a marriage, and spouse in the traditional sense, the woman said she was seeking a “companion for the rest of my life”.