Almost 60 Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants Arrested in Bengaluru

In a major crackdown by Bangalore Police, 60 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants were arrested from different areas of the city.

As of now, 29 men, 22 women, and 9 children have been arrested and are in the police’s custody. They were living in areas like Bellandur, Ramamurthynagar, and Marathahalli.


It wasn’t just Bangladeshis who were rounded up but also 22 Nigerians were arrested for the same offense.

According to the police, they will be sent back to their native place within a week of this arrest. Currently, these men and women are being held in an in house facility by Bangalore police and they will be kept there until all the necessary paperwork is finished.

It was reported by several news agencies that thousands of illegal immigrants are living in tin houses on the banks of Kundalahalli lake which was then further elaborated when MLA Arvind Limbavali took to social media to talk about the issue of illegal immigrants and refugees.


Bhaskar Rao, the city’s police commissioner made a statement that said:

“These people do not have passports or visas and have entered the country and made their way to Bengaluru in search of occupation,” Rao said.

He also added that these people work under a contractor to collect plastic.”


Most of these Bangladeshis worked as low-wage laborers and some even took up work with BBMP. Intelligence agencies are trying to find out how they crossed the border and got to Bangalore in the first place without any clear identification.

This incident sparks the debate of illegal immigrants coming into India and living here for a long time without being identified. This escalates the issue of poverty, economic strain and cultural strain into the country.