All Malls, Cinema Halls, Pubs And Other Large Gatherings In Karnataka To Remain Closed

source: thefinancialexpress

All malls, cinema halls, pubs, wedding ceremonies and other large gatherings in Karnataka have been banned for another one week.

Karnataka shuts all public gatherings 

As Karnataka tries all possible measures to tackle the spread of the virus in the state, a fifth positive case of Covid-19 was reported from the state on Friday and the first death was also reported due to Covid-19.



Seeing the situation, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said that all malls, theaters, pubs, clubs, exhibits, summer camps, swimming pools, sports events, wedding venues, conferences have been closed for a week from tomorrow.

One should travel only if it’s emergency 

Following Delhi, it’s Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka Government, who have also stepped in to take action.

CM BS Yeddyurappa said that no one should travel unless it is an emergency. Apart from this, all the schools and colleges have been closed for a week.


source: theeconomictimes

According to him, 31 people had come in contact with the elderly in Kaliburgi who died due to corona. These people are being identified and they will also be investigated.