Netizens Slam Alibaba Founder Jack Ma’s Six Times Sex In Six Days Suggestion To His Employees

jack ma

Jack Ma’s suggestions and pieces of advice to his employees is nothing new. But it lately he seems to be going a bit out of track probably working more with machines than humans. The founder of Alibaba earlier took a lash from the social media users for advocating the spirit of 996 which means working from 9 am to 9 pm six days a week at work.

Jack Ma Made Astonishing Suggestions At Mass Wedding

And now the richest man in China has gone overboard by suggesting his employees follow the 669 spirits indicating sex for six times in six days with the duration being the key to improve productivity. While speaking to his employees during the group wedding of Alibaba staff in China, Jack Ma said, “At work, we emphasize the spirit of ‘996’. In life, we should follow ‘669.


Every year the company organizes a mass wedding on May 10 on Ali Day at the Hangzhou headquarters of the company in China. Earlier the tech industry criticized the 996 philosophy for work by the 54-year-old Ma and now the 669 philosophy has also created a storm on the social media.