Akshay’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’ In Soup Over Film Writer’s Anti-Hindu Tweets

Just days after the Raksha Bandhan trailer was released, actor Akshay Kumar is back in the line of fire. The actor’s film has run into a row after the writer Kanika Dhillon’s allegedly Hinduphobic tweets surfaced online.

Boycott RakshaBandhan trends

Days before Raksha Bandhan’s theatrical release on the auspicious occasion of the festival, Akshay Kumar’s drama film is now facing backlash from social media users. The outrage is over the film writer of the project, Kanika Dhillon’s old tweets where she can be seen using degrading remarks on certain Hindu values and customs. Netizens argue that the writer makes money off the Hindu community, and then mocks the very same communities.


Kanika Dhillon, apart from being a strong critic of Prime Minister Modi and his government, she has also made several Hinduphobic remarks including ‘gaumata jibe’.

“Dying in the parking lot after waiting for a hospital bed…Yeh aache din hai! India super power hai! Aur gau mata ka mutra peene see Covid chala jayega (These are the good days…India is a superpower. And drinking cow’s urine will cure Covid-19)”, an old tweet read.

“Hmm you think one day the cows of India will also be contesting elections? Since they offer more solutions- benefits and protection than our Ministers! Holy cow! Jai Gaiyaa Mayya ki!”, she wrote in another tweet.


Meanwhile, a section of netizens have also dug up Akshay’s old interviews where he is heard talking about people wasting milk while offering it to Lord Shiva.

Twitter Reactions

These tweets by actor Akshay Kumar and writer Kanika Dhillion have triggered a massive controversy and netizens are calling for Raksha Bandhan’s boycott.