Ajith Kumar Recalls His Love Story, Says ‘I Cut Shalini’s Wrist By Accident, It Started There’

Tamil superstar Ajith Kumar, who recently turned 51, had described his wife Shalini as his main support system and worst critic. He had also recalled how he had once cut Shalini’s wrist by accident.

Ajith’s personal life

Ajith while promoting his movie Billa (2007), had appeared in a talk show hosted by comedy actor Santhanam. During the 40-minute discussion, he shared a lot about his life, from his early childhood to why he was growing more and more committed as a movie star. He discussed the kind of relationship he shares with his wife Shalini, whom he called his worst critic.


Ajith claimed that he was predestined to marry Shalini. The actor fell in love with Shalini while shooting for the romantic drama Amarkalam (1999).

“When the producers of Amarkalam approached Shalini, she had no interest in acting. She was keen on pursuing her education. The producers then asked me if I could try to convince her. So I called Shalini and I said, ‘I’m Ajith Kumar and I’d like to work with you. Even the producers are also keen on it.’ She said, ‘No. I don’t want to act. I want to study.’ And I let it be. But after a lot of convincing by the producer, she committed herself to the movie. I think we were destined to meet,” he said.

Love at first sight

He admitted it was love at first sight for him. “During the first shot we did together, I cut her wrist by accident. But she continued acting. Only much later did we realize that she was bleeding for real. I think it started there,” he recalled.


Ajith expressed how Shalini was his main support system and worst critic. “She is my hardcore critic. At times, friends will be kind of diplomatic and say the film was good. But, when it comes to Shalini, she is very frank. She is very honest about her views on everything. And she won’t interfere in scripts. But, she is my wife, the focal point of my life, so I share a lot of things with her,” he noted.

After falling in love on the sets of Amarkalam, Ajith and Shalini got married in 2000. And they have a daughter and a son together.