Airbnb For the Outdoors: Making Money Off Your Land

source: tentrr

Do you have a property that you see as a liability because you have no idea what to do with it? If you’re living near a tourist area, then you’re in luck. You can join the thousands of landowners who are hosting campers and families all around the country.

Tentrr, one of the companies that facilitate this service, is known as the Airbnb for the outdoors. It’s now available in 39 states, including New York, California, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, Washington, Utah, and other significant locations.


The partnership is quite straightforward: You provide the land, and Tentrr takes care of everything else.

How Do You Make Money?

The business model works like this: families and individuals looking for a place to stay can book through the service provider’s website.

If they choose you as the host, you receive the lion’s share of the payment. You will get between 80% and 90% of the total booked amount. However, this all depends on whether or not the customer decides to go with your option.


How Do You Join as Host?

Becoming a host is quite simple. You need to sign up on the booking website and follow the instructions on the site.

You may need to do the following:
1. Provide some information about your land. Any interesting detail would add value to your property. Historical roots would be a plus, as well as proximity to a tourism destination.
2. Why would you be the ideal host? For example, it’s a huge plus if you can give access to the toilet or shower for the campers.
3. Security of the guests. Make sure there are no wild animals around that can risk the safety of the customers.
4. Provide some photos of the site. These will be uploaded on the website to be checked by potential campers.
5. You’re also expected to ensure the upkeep of the property.
Lastly, the staff of the service provider will inspect the property and conduct interviews. These are essential to assess your readiness as a host, and best of all, you’re not required to pay the registration fee when signing up for the service.

How Do You Know if Your Property is the Ideal Campsite?

There are no standard rules that will make your property the ideal campsite. Some lands have cottages and are quite developed. Others have accessed to lake or waterfall, while others have orchards and working farms.


Meanwhile, other properties are just raw land, but they do have the advantage of being near the tourist spots. Similar to Airbnb, the decision is with the customers alone.

For instance, more adventurous customers prefer bare land as they want to experience nature in its raw form. Others tend to insist on glamping, which still gives them access to the beauty of nature but with modern amenities.

Glamping is the perfect choice for families who want to let their small kids experience the outdoors. It’s also great for selective teenagers who could not live without the convenience of modern amenities.


Regardless, playing host is a great way to make money off your land. You can then use the money to pay for the property tax, renovations to the property, or use the extra cash for yourself.