Air Travel Tips To Take Note By Heart

source: medicalnewstoday

Indeed, anything can happen when you are traveling via an airline. But if you are prepared for the unexpected, your travel experience will be simple and easy. The tips provided below will help you how to handle a flight at any part of the world:

Pack Less

During flights, it is your goal to travel with a hand-luggage. Think if you need to travel with six pairs of shoes, iron, and tea bags. Remember that you can travel cheaper if you take less baggage with you. This is because you don’t have to pay for check-in luggage fees. You can also travel faster and easier since you don’t have to wait for your bags.


Leave the Guidebook

Rather than taking the entire copy of the rough guide, just photocopy the pages you need. Discard the photocopied material after using them. This can make you save space and weight in your baggage. You can also visit the airline’s website to learn more such as this one:

Don’t Wear Flip Flops

Do not wear sandals or flip flops on board the plane. In case of an emergency, it is best to have a sturdy pair of shoes that will protect your feet from any sharp or heated objects.

Jiggle a Little Bit

If you have experienced turbulence during the flight, try jiggling your body a little bit. No one will notice that you jiggle since everybody else is moved with the sudden aircraft movement. This might sound a little bit crazy for some. But the jiggling will counteract with that of the aircraft. With this, you won’t feel the turbulence so much.


Select your Seatmate Carefully

If you have the chance to select your plane seat, see to it that you sit away from a group of friends and babies. With this, you can have a good chance of sleep during your flight.

Bring your Hoodie

Hoodies make as an excellent travel garment. As you slip your hood, you can retreat from the light and the noise. This can help you have a good sleep during your flight.

Select the Vegan Option on the Plane

As you select the vegan option of the meal, you will be served first before anyone else. Furthermore, you can avoid food which is too greasy. It has better quality since it is made in smaller batches than conventional meals.


Bring Ear Plugs

If the plane is noisy, then earplugs will do the magic. Being to sleep in a noisy plane is such a valuable skill that not be underestimated during traveling.

Get Travel Insurance

Always have travel insurance and don’t rely on your credit card insurance alone. Many people don’t bother getting insurance but they might end up losing their money when things go wrong in the end. Check the airline’s visit to learn more about what they offer such as this one:

Bring a Deck of Card

Game cards are not only useful to kill the time in the plane. This can also help you bond with friends, relatives, and even strangers. With this, you can socialize with people and learn more about them.