Ahead Of Their Reopening, Malls In Bengaluru Get Ready With New Protocols And Safety Measures

Courtesy: The News Minute

On June 8th, as per the directive from the government, malls in the country would reopen their shutters. It is almost after three months that the malls would be restarting their functioning.

With the number of cases in the country still on the rise, mall operators have gotten together to establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) so that adequate precautions are taken with regards to the virus.


Precautionary measures

In an interview with The News Minute, mall operators across Bengaluru spoke about the precautionary measures that are being brought to the place. Among the measures, it has been made clear that masks, the Arogya Setu app, thermal screening, and frequent hand sanitization facilities inside the premises will be a common feature. While cleaning will be done more often, a few mall owners have also purchased automated machinery to ensure safety.

CEO of Prestige Forum Malls, Mohammed Ali, said that the customers will now have to go through a disinfection tunnel to get inside the malls. On the other hand, Chickpet MLA Uday B Garudachar, who owns the Garuda Mall said that customers would be given free masks and will also be educated about the situation.

Courtesy: The News Minute

Restriction in footfall

Unlike the pre-COVID era, footfalls in malls will be largely restricted from hereon. The move has been made keeping in mind the compulsory social-distancing norms that need to be followed.


While the entire capacity of the mall will reduce to its one-third, mall owners have also said that booking mechanisms will soon be launched.

Regarding further precautions, Mohammed Ali said: “Only five persons, as opposed to the full capacity of 15, will be allowed in lifts. On escalators, people will be allowed to stand on alternate steps. Similarly, for toilets, every alternative urinal will be sealed.

It is said that Phoenix Marketcity will have an app-based registration process to enter the malls and customers registered in the app will be preferred over others. Once the entry capacity is reached, the further entry will be closed.


Source: The News Minute