After Shamshera Trailer; Ranbir Kapoor Is Now Being Labelled As ‘Anti-Brahmin’

The trailer of Ranbir Kapoor’s film ‘Shamshera’ has been released. A lot of hard work has been done on VFX in the film, which is also being appreciated by the viewers. However, some netizens are calling out Ranbir Kapoor for bestowing the Hindutva in the wrong way.


With just days to go for Shamshera to hit the big screens, the makers have unveiled the teaser of the Ranbir Kapoor-Sanjay Dutt starrer. While certain sections are impressed by the Shamshera trailer and even called it better than Brahmastra others slammed it for being ‘anti-Brahmin’ and anti-Hindutva.


While Ranbir looked like a ‘Lootera’ and a ‘warrior’ in the trailer, we did get a glimpse of Sanjay Dutt’s scary antagonist which later received criticism. A section of netizens took to Twitter and trolled Dutt as well as the film for showing the main villain as a Hindu. They called the film Shamshera anti-Hindu for showing Sanjay Dutt’s character Shuddh Singh sporting a Tripundra Tilak.

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