After RRR Got Rejected, R Madhavan Feels The Oscars Are Too Hyped In India

R Madhavan, while promoting Dhokha Round D Corner, spoke about the Oscars. He suggests that India should have an Oscars equivalent or something even better.

Madhavan on Academy Awards

R Madhavan has spoken about how we Indians get too much excited about the Academy Awards. He also shared his opinion about the films that should have been sent by the jury for this year’s awards.


Gujarati film titled ‘Last Film Show’ aka ‘Chhello Show‘, released in 2021 in English, is India’s official Oscars entry. R Madhavan and his co-star Darshan Kumaar said (in a light note) that Rocketry: The Nambi Effect and The Kashmir Files should also be considered.

Madhavan said, “I think they should send Rocketry, also The Kashmir Files.” Further adding, “He [Darshan] is starting a campaign for The Kashmir Files, I am starting a campaign for Rocketry.” Madhavan then said, “No, all the best to them. I hope they go and win and make us proud. It’s time that we do as well in the film industry as we do as a country.”

The Oscars are too hyped

Given the buzz around RRR and the kind of appreciation it has been receiving in the west, the Gujarati film Chhello Show’s entry came as a surprise to many. Ever since the decision has been announced, netizens are sharing their reactions on social media, which are highly mixed.


While promoting Dhokha Round D Corner, Rocketry actor spoke about the Oscars equivalent in India. He said, “I also hope we have an Oscar equivalent or better in India. Ab bohot ho gaya we are trying to prove something over there.” To this, Aparshakti Khurana added, “We need a legit award show. One of them has come up and it’s called Critics Choice-something award,” reported India Today.

Speaking about the craze around Oscars, R Madhavan said, “It’ll be good to have the mantle, it will be a different thing. The only difference with Oscar is that for anybody who gets it in the West, there’s a huge difference in their stature, income, and salary, in the way they proceed in the industry. We should have one in India where the moment we get the award, there’s a legitimate increase in the valuation to go up.”