After Kim Jong Fiasco, Now Protesters In Kolkata Confuse China With USA

Protesters in West Bengal seem to be determined to prove that fact-checking is a concept they are yet to come across. After calling Kim Jong the leader of China, they have now used an American flag to call for a boycott of China.

Last week, there had been a violent altercation at the Indo-China border in eastern Ladakh that had left 20 Indian Army officials dead and others injured. Since then, protests have broken out across the country, calling for a boycott of Chinese goods and services. In the recent past effigies of Xi jinping have been burnt, as well as presumably Chinese origin goods, and there have also been demonstrations and marches.


Donald Trump

And while we’re glad that the recent protest had a photo of the right leader, the glaring topographical mix up is hard to overlook.

This is not the first protest against China that has gone wrong in the state. Earlier, a video clip had emerged where BJP workers — or at least individuals wearing facemasks with the BJP logo emblazoned on it — had emphatically announced that they were burning effigies of Chinese leader Kim Jong. Not only that, but it would seem that he had been designated the Prime Minister’ of China. This incident had taken place in Asansol, and the video had gone viral.

Now, social media users have suggested that a few geography and general knowledge lessons might be in order. Given recent events, and the US’ criticism of China, Donald Trump would perhaps not be happy to discover that people in the land governed by his good friend Prime Minister Modi, were mixing up America with China, a Twitter user noted. Others expressed their incredulity at the repeated gaffes.