After Kantara, A Film Based On Karaga Festival? Rishab Shetty Answers

Kannada thriller Kantara, which was released last month, is basking in rave reviews from critics as well as from the audience. The film is witnessing an impressive run on the big screen. Amid this, there are reports that Rishab Shetty may make a film spotlighting the Karaga Festival.

Rishab Shetty’s next project

Kantara is ruling the hearts of moviegoers across the world and has stood tall as an authentic Kannada film. Directed by Rishab Shetty, who also stars in the lead role, the film highlights some of the not-so-popular traditional native cultures like Bhoota Kola, Kambala, and Yakshagana. The film is now basking in rave reviews from critics as well as from the audience.


A success party for Kantara was organized recently. And during Rishab Shetty’s interaction with the press, he spoke about his focus on folklore and cultural beliefs through this film. He said that he belongs to the coastal region of the state of Karnataka and is well-versed with the language, customs, rituals, and beliefs of the place.

During the interaction, Rishab was also asked whether he would show the famous Bengaluru Karaga in a future film. The actor-director said that it has been 20 years since he came to the city and now he is getting to know about the history and cultural significance of the Karaga festival.

He said he was in the approach of visiting villages and asking the residents about their beliefs surrounding the ritual of Karaga and guaranteed them that if he felt it was a suitable subject, he would make a project surrounding it.


Karaga Festival

The Karaga festival is held at the Dharmaraya Swamy Temple in Bengaluru and has its roots in the epic Mahabharat. According to legend, when Draupadi was on her deathbed, her Veera Kumaras, brave souls created by her to defeat a demon, pleaded with her to not leave them.

Draupadi instead promised to return each year during the full moon day of Chaitra month as Adishakti and this is the time the Karaga festival is celebrated.