After Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge, #HumLightNahiBhujayenge Is Trending. Twitter is Divided!

Today, at 9 pm, as per the request of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the nation is gearing up to celebrate togetherness by lighting candles, torches and diyas for 9 minutes. However, a section of them seems to be opposed to the idea.

Looks like another move of Narendra Modi has attracted backlash from the Twitterati who, this time, are opposed to the idea of switching off the lights for 9 minutes and lighting candles instead. While a few are questioning the intent and the outcome of the ‘task’, others are of the opinion that it is unnecessary. Some of them also quoted the difficulty the electricity department will face if all the lights are switched off at once.


On the other hand, users on twitter are also mocking people who are trending #HumLightNahiBhujayenge