After India’s Tik Tok Ban, Anti-China Sentiments Grow Stronger In United States

China is upset with the United States after it delayed to draft press statement condemning the terrorist attack at the Karachi Stock Exchange at the United Nations Security Council.

It was not only the United States but also Germany who delayed to issue the statement against the terrorist attack which is now being interpreted as silent support to India. This is because the Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed India for the attack.


Courtesy: Samachaar Live

China introduced its statement on Tuesday as per the United Nations Security Council procedure and placed it under “silence” until 4 pm of New York time. The statement is considered as a routine condemnation of a terror attack which happens often at the United Nations Security Council. Under the “silence” procedure, if there is no objection to the statement until the deadline, the statement will be passed.

The United States Delays Again

However, just as it was about to be passed at 4 pm, Germany stepped in and put a delay to issue the statement. As per the diplomats, the reason behind Germany’s move is because of the statements made by Pakistan Foreign Minister SM Qureshi who blamed India for the attacks. After this, the Chinese delegation staged protest saying that the clock had actually moved past 4 before Germany intervened. Later, the deadline was extended until 10 am on July 1st.

When the new hour was approaching, it was the turn of the United States to intervene at the last time to delay the issuance of the statement once again. Even though diplomats believe that the statement is likely to pass but pushing back China and Pakistan is looked at as a larger gesture of displeasure.


America Wants To Ban Tik Tok

As per some of the reports, many United States officials are also rooting for a similar ban on the Chinese apps after India banned 59 applications because of national security. A similar anti-China sentiment seems to be growing in the United States as well. Many are rooting for the ban of the video-making platform Tik Tok. The United States National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien strongly advocated this by saying,

“On TikTok, a Chinese-owned social media platform with over 40 million American users, probably a lot of your kids, and younger colleagues, accounts criticizing the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and Beijing’s policies are routinely removed or deleted.”

There are at least two bills pending in the US Congress that asks for a ban on Tik Tok from the cell phones of American citizens. The move by India has only made the sentiment stronger.


Source: The Times of India