After Facing Continuous Trolls, Rashmika Mandanna Has Raised A Serious Concern About Online Bullying

rashmika mandanna online troll

Rashmika Mandanna has had enough of mental harassment in social media. The 23-year-old actress finally hits out at trolls on her Instagram story. The Kannada actress expressed her opinion on online harassment and she has gone all out this time.

Online harassment on actress

The Kirik Party actress finally decided to speak up about the trolls and jokes made on her personal life and character. She expressed her wrath on online harassment with a meaningful reply.


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The incident that pissed the 23-year-old actress was a social media meme that caught her eye. A meme was circulating on the internet which had her pictures from her childhood days with an ugly caption over it. The caption of the meme was written as- ‘Who knew this little girl here would be an International Dagar (whore) in the future’.

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Freedom of speech was given to everyone sighting a positive perspective. However, no one in this world has a right to talk about anybody’s personal life. We may like or dislike a person based on our mindset. Though, it doesn’t mean we can call names or bully a person just because we despise them. Do we have the right to talk about someone’s character just because we didn’t respect what they did in their personal life? How can we call ourselves an educated and independent society when these little things are overlooked by us?

Rashmika finally speaks out 

Quite frequently, celebrities have been on a space where they receive an unauthorized trolling on social media. This time Rashmika Mandanna decided not to play the role of an onlooker.


Hitting the trollers, Rashmika Mandanna said, “I don’t know what you guys get out of doing this to us actors. Is it because we are the soft targets for you? The public figure doesn’t mean you can target us ruthlessly. A lot of you keep saying- ignore the bad comments or trolls and I generally ‘do’.”

She added,

“Say anything you want about our work- you have the right but no one has any right to say anything about our families or our personal lives. No actor deserves this crap. Because let me tell you this, being an actor is not easy. Each and every profession deserves the utmost respect. I think people should first start respecting one another.”


source: instagram