After Congress Leader Kamal Nath Calls BJP Leader As ‘Item’, Twitter Blasts Him

The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has been at the receiving end of criticism from netizens after he called BJP leader Imarti Devi an “item”.

A video was surfaced on the internet where Kamal Nath is seen speaking at a rally. In the video, he is heard saying,


“Our candidate is not like her… what’s her name? (people shout Imarti Devi, who is a former state minister) You know her better and should have warned me earlier… ye kya item hai.”

kamal nath
source: ani

This did not go well with the Twitterati as they called out Kamal Nath for his derogatory comments on the women leader. One of the users wrote,

“Now let’s see if any woke liberal or any feminist or those “independent” “journalists” will call out Kamal Nath Ji for calling a woman leader Imarti Devi as “item” on stage, in a rally and demeaning her.”

Here are some of the Twitter reactions.

Twitter Reactions